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Just D'oh It first started off as a site owned by Pete Campbell, the site was launched on August 15th 2001. After around 2 months after the sites opening it was closed due to lack of content and how difficult it was to update the site. In the months of September 2001, Pete decided to propose to Phil Woodley (Who was owning a different site at the time) that they should own a Simpson's site together, naturally he accepted as he believed that co-owning a site with someone else would hopefully cause it to be very popular.

The all-new Just D'oh It was then launched on December 21st 2001, featuring a unique yellow design by Alex Southern and hosting provided by him also. The site was now starting to be featured on numerous popular Simpsons websites and its first of many mentions on the beloved Simpsons Top 100. As the site grew it got its very own domain: http://www.justdohit.co.uk and moved host's to UZIPP. Although it did not stay on UZIPP long as the site moved hosts to OECK in February 2002

In early April, Pete and visitors themselves started to get frustrated with the yellow design and felt the need for a "Home-Made" design. Naturally, one was made and then launched on May 31st 2002. The site was made in Paint Shop Pro 7 and was completely recoded in PHP. This design seriously boosted Just D'oh It's popularity and caused it to enter the two biggest top Simpsons sites lists, The Simpsons Top 100 (At 21st) and The Simpsons Top 50 (At 30+).

Before you knew it, November 2002 was upon us and Pete started to work on yet another design in Paint Shop Pro 7 for the sites first birthday. The main feature of the design was a huge image of Homer in hulk-form in the top right hand corner, When launched on December 21st 2002 the design had mixed reviews but in general was seen as an improvement and visitors were more concerned with the overall organisation of the site rather than its design. Over the year this design was on Just D'oh It, framegrab's were introduced, not forgetting many more sections, and the introduction of downloadable episodes on the site. Just D'oh It now would average a 1000 visitors a day, meaning the site had came a long way since its 100 average visitors a day the year before.

With the site now being a success and it having a bucket-load of content and visitors, it was obvious that to raise Just D'oh It's popularity even more, the sites interiors needed a full makeover. In the months of May til December, Pete experimented with Photoshop 7 to create possible designs for this improved version of Just D'oh It and moved hosts yet again to All Toons. When finally deciding on a design to use in early December 2003, Pete knew that this month would involve a lot of work if he wished to get the new Just D'oh It up in time. The 5th and current version of Just D'oh It was launched on December 21st 2003 (which was the sites 2nd birthday), with a complete reorganisation of the site, we can only now sit back and watch the future of Just D'oh It unfold.

Average Visitors Per Day: 1250
- Average Page Views Per Day: 1500
- Biggest Providers Of Visitors: 
    - Search Engine: Google (Over 100,000 visitors, Yahoo is in second with Over 70,000) 
    - Web Site: The Simpsons Top 100 (Over 15,000 visitors, With Aim Top Sites in second with Over 9000)
- Online Since: December 21st 2001
- Simpsons Top 100 Position: 5th (Highest was 3rd)
- Simpsons Top 50 Position: N/A

[Thanks to...]
Alex Southern - For hosting us at EOS & Making us our second design
Owen - For hosting us at OECK
Nick Laws - For hosting us at UZIPP
Martin - For hosting us at All Toons
Lee Milthorpe - For making us our first design
Kris - For being a great staff member
Marc - For all the support on IRC and great work at Just D'oh It
Alex Richards - For all the support on IRC and being a good friend
Max Williams - For all the support and donating us those Images 
Derek Lowe - For the constant support when making designs in Photoshop, 
Steven Kitchen - For temporary hosting at Compact Vision and his great support
Bryan Ludvigsen - For the great support at The Simpsons Top 100 and for backing us up when people doubt how good we really are!
Just D'oh It Staff - Without them, we'd only be half the site you see now
Old  Simpson's Sites - Their inspiration encouraged us to become webmasters and gave us determination to be great ones! 

The Visitors - Well, without you, all our hard work would go unacknowledged 

[Support Us]

Please put one of the following images on your site and link them to us, doing this will cause our popularity to grow bigger and mean even more content for the site itself. We are more than happy that in return we will link to your site:

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Thank you.

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