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On the internet there are literally thousands of places to buy Simpson's merchandise. Some are good, others are not. Want help finding the good ones? Check it - The JDI guide to Simpson's Merchandise.


With over 10 years of Simpson's sites on the web, there's a massive amount of websites which you can view, on this page some of the best sites out there are reviewed and linked to here. Below the reviews you will find links to several interviews that we have had with past and present webmasters. Naturally, we would be more than happy to add your link if you simply Email Us


The Simpsons Top 100For the past 5 years, The Simpsons Top 100 has compiled many lists of the 100 best Simpsons sites out there, recently to make the rankings more fair the site lists were split into 4 groups: general, character, foreign and speciality sites. This was a welcome change to the community as it allowed there sites to become even more popular. The Simpsons Top 100 to the community is a big part of their lifes and will recommend to anyone to go check it out. 

The Simpson's Archive is undoubtably the biggest Simpsons site out there. With 100's of lists, episode guides, information on any upcoming episode anywhere and more, Over the 7 years this site has been online it is a well known fact that no site can compete with it. Even though this site lacks in multimedia, it is still a MUST SEE for any Simpsons fan.

Eye on Springfield has recently returned to the web with a fantastic new design. Eye on Springfield is one of the biggest British Simpsons sites and has features which include, 100's of quality images and highly detailed Episode Guides. With this being our first host and a site we here love so much, you just have to visit it!

Last Exit To Springfield like The Simpsons Archive is known as one of the biggest Simpsons sites out there, what the Archive lacks in multimedia, can pretty much be found here. Prooth of this is shown in the sites image gallery with more than 500 images, Quotes in mp3 format from a large amount of episodes and much, much more.

The Simpson's Gallery owned by Henrik, has an amazing design and amazing content to go with it. With over 7000 frames of Simpsons Episodes and having quite possibly the best Wallpapers of The Simpsons, The Gallery is definetly one of the Top 5 Simpsons sites on the internet.

The Simpsons Folder in as simply as I can write it, provides the best of The Simpsons Archive (Information) and Last Exit To Springfield (Multimedia) in one whole site. Although there current design may at times seem like a geocities site, don't be put off as The Simpsons Folder certainly has something for everyone which is sure to please all its visitors.


Ben - The Simpsons Sound Station (Closed) - Very Informal Interview
Phil W - A Weekend With The Simpsons (Phil's site before this one)
Steven Kitchen - Viva Los Simpson (Closed)
Owen Campbell-Kelly - Toons O (Closed) - Informal Interview
Jeff WalkerNeds Place Informal Interview


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