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Simpson's episodes are well known to often feature Songs which are usually are of very good quality, an example of this was the great Evita parody seen in "The President Wore Pearls" and this page is where we provide you with Mp3's and Song Lyrics so you can download and listen to these Song's over and over and also sing-a-long!

Probably the best asset of the section is the following 10 links which are all off "The Simpsons Sing The Blues" and also provided are large scans of the front and back cover's of the album:

- The Simpson's Sing The Blues View: Front Cover - Back Cover

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Track 1 - Do The Bartman               [Download]
Track 2 - School Day                      [Download]
Track 3 - Born Under A Bad Sign      [Download]
Track 4 - Moanin Lisa Blues            [Download]
Track 5 - Deep Deep Trouble          [Download]
Track 6 - God Bless The Child         [Download]
Track 7 - I Love To See You Smile  [Download]
Track 8 - Springfield Soul Stew        [Download]
Track 9 - Look At All Those Idiots    [Download]
Track 10 - Sibling Rivalry                [Download]

Following on from that album now are a collection of Songs ripped straight from the show and are here in MP3 format for you to download and enjoy:


- Song Title - Ep. Code  - Download - Lyrics
Townsfolk - "The Monorail Song" [9F10] [Download] [View]
Apu "Who Needs the Kwik-E-Mart"  [1F10] [Download] [View]
"Flaming Moe's" [8F08] [Download] [View]
Itchy & Scratchy Theme  [N/A] [Download] [View]
Nelson - Joy To The World [4F01] [Download] [View]
Homer - "The Garbage Man Can" [5F09] [Download] [View]
Canyonero Tune [5F10] [Download] [View]
Troy McClure  - "Chimpan-A to Z" [3F15] [Download] [View]
Sherry Bobbins - "Cut Every Corner" [3G03] [Download] [View]
Homer - "Good Beer" [9F14] [Download] [View]
The Ramones - "Happy B'day Burns" [1F01] [Download] [View]
Wiggum singing Bob Marleys "Jammin" [4F16] [Download] [View]
"Were Talkin' Softball" [8F13] [Download] [View]
Lisa - Several Evita Parodys [EABF20] [Download] [View]
Homer - Max Power [AABF09] [Download] [View]
Homer - Flintstones Parody [9F10] [Download] [View]
"The Garden Of Eden" [3F02] [Download] [View]
The Adventures Of Ned Flanders [9F16] [Download] [View]
Homer - Animal House [FABF06] [Download] [View]
Bart + M.J. - "Happy Birthday Lisa" [7F24] [Download] [View]
Nanny Song [3G03] [Download] [N/A]
Bart - "Ten Commandments" [N/A] [Download] [N/A]
Parody of "The Addams Family" tune [1F04] [Download] [N/A]
Remix of Theme Tune [N/A] [Download] [N/A]




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