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+ The Simpsons FAQ

The following page features a massive amount of information regarding various aspects from the show, from common questions to your very own - if you can't find the answer you want here, we'll write it!

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[Commonly Asked Questions]

- How long has 'The Simpsons" been running?
The first Simpsons episode aired in 1989, and since then has been growing in popularity. The Simpsons is currently showing its 15th season, which is the most for any cartoon.

- How long will The Simpson's last?
Well, you get the feeling that the Simpson's adventures are nearly over now that there has been over 300 episodes. But for now we can be sure there will be at least a Season 17.

- Is there an official Simpsons website?
Yes, the official website is at www.thesimpsons.com although it hardly offers anything at all on The Simpsons, but has improved in recent years.

- Will there be a Simpson's movie?
Yes, the cast have alreadly signed up to do at least 2 feature-length films but currently it is only in planning stages, Matt Groening would rather finish the show, then make a movie. Also the domain www.simpsonsmovie.com might has been reserved by FOX.

- Where did Matt Groening come up with the names for the Simpson's characters?
Believe it or not but Matt named the family after his own! Marge was his mothers name and the Homer belonged to his farther. He had two sisters named Lisa and Margret (Maggie.) The name Bart is simply an anagram for brat. Also some of the minor characters was also named after the streets he used to live near and Matt Groening actually lived on Evergreen Terrace.

- How did the Simpsons become so famous?
The Simpson's started on the Tracy Ullman show as shorts after commercial breaks. Then 1989 FOX aired its first 20min program. Since then its popularity has just grown and grown.

- Who does what voice?
Here is a brief guide on the voice cast of The Simpson's:

[Dan Castellaneta]

Homer J. Simpson
Grampa Simpson
Santa's Little Helper
Barney Gumble
Krusty The Clown
Groundskeeper Willie
Mayor Quimby
Hans Moleman
Sideshow Mel
Arnie Pie
Scott Christian
Ugolin (7G13)
Capt.. Lance Murdock (7F06)
Thomas Jefferson (8F01)
Aristotle Amandopolis (8F13)
Zombie Shakesphere (9F04)
Human Fly (9F21)
Gary (One Of The Nerds)
Gremlin (1F04)
Actor Homer (1F16)
Actor Lisa (1F16)
Freddy Quimby (1F19)
Leopold (2F19)
George Washington (3F13)
Etch (3F19)
Kearney's Father (4F03)
Poochie (4F12)
Laddie (4F16)

[Julie Kavner]

Marge Simpson
Jacqueline Bouvier 
Aunt Gladys

[Yeardley Smith]

Lisa Simpson

[Nancy Cartwright]

Bart Simpson
Todd Flanders
Ralph Wiggum

[Hank Azaria]

Chief Wiggum
Comic Book guy
Dr. Nick
Kirk Van Houten
Captain McCallister
Bumblebee Man
Superintendent Chalmers
Professor Frink
Drederick Tatum
Dean Bobby Peterson
Bob Arnold (8F01)
Fritz (8F09)
Vet (8F17)
House Of Evil Owner  (9F04)
Gabbo (9F19)
Doug (One Of The Nerds)
Brad Goodman (1F05)
G.I. Joe (1F12)
Knightboat (2F10)
Don Vittorio (2F12)
Bruno Drundrige (2F13)
Pet Store Man (2F18)
Jericho (2F21)
Shelbyville Milhouse (2F22)
Iggy Wiggum (3F19)
Ox (3F19)
Rick (3F22)
Jimbo's Father (4F03)
Dr. Foster (4F07)
Ranger (4F10)
Hippie (4F17)
Frank Grimes (4F19)


[Your Questions!]

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