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The (Insane) Second Ben Interview

(the pieces of text with only a : is  Mako )

Ben: Hola
: Hey what's your name and what sites do you owen
: *own
Ben: www.noiseland.co.uk
Ben: tis noisy
Ben: My name is Pete
: my name is ben
Ben: That sure is a sexy name
: my wifes name is ben-lida
: 14 years married
: i killed her
Ben: Your a bit f***** up arnt you
: anyway what was your inspiration to start a killing spree
: i mean a simpsons site
: indeed i am
Ben: Well I just love the taste of humen flesh...
Ben: ohh my simpsons site
Ben: Boredom I guess
: i started it for cash
Ben: You made any yet?
: well
: 5 o
: whats that o doing there
: just 5
Ben: It sneaked in
Ben: it is sexualy attracted to your name
: blame it on owen since he ditched the name MasterO those o's are everywhere
Ben: I say we kill him
: he lives in birmingham
Ben: *No Ben think nice thoughts*
: your nearer... kill him
: i'm a hour away
: .. anywho
Ben: Thats only 30 min away... I might just go and...
Ben: yeah anywho
: whats your favourite simpsons site at the moment
Ben: Beyond Blunderdome probably
: just cauz your on jeffs list o0o00o00
Ben: I mean... just doh it of course..
Ben: Jeff smells of tun
Ben: tuna*
: tun wtf is tun
: tuna ah
: i smell more like the sewers
Ben: So have we started the interview already?
Ben: :/
: nah
Ben: sewers eh?
: i should really start it
Ben: Yep yep
: what type of music you into anyway, i heard rumours that your a n-sync wuss
Ben: and I'll probably get disconnected as soon as you do
: oh wait.. thats nick laws
Ben: Your getting me confused with nick again
: yea well
: your site names sound so alike
Ben): No mako back off! stop trying to kiss me! I'm not nick!
: Mako who?
: we must stop from dissing nick, thats jeffs job
Ben: And what a fine job he does
: JeFf is HyPe
: so you gonna ditch alex one day?
Ben: yes, you want to be my new boyfriend?
Ben: wait we arnt talking about that right now...
Ben: I left EOS network awhile back, get with the times man
: oh
: that makes 2 of us
: .. i forget these thins
Ben: wafer thins
: you the bitch who own's sss and took off our button as soon as you left eos
Ben: Yes that would be me, I took down the eos network box
: .. i did it to so who cares
: whats your favourite simpsons season?
Ben: probably one of the middle ones
Ben: The right anwser would require me to think, and that would be to much strain
: do you feel that a simpsons movie should be released now or never (like we'll get a movie when its finished)
Ben: I think it should be released now
: what would you prefer back Family Guy or Futurama
Ben: Futurama
: same..
Ben: But as I can't really get channel four very well, doesnt make all that much diffrence :/
: i signed both of the petitions though..
: yea
: i mean yes
: got to use standard english again
: going back sko00ol monday
Ben: Always sux
Ben: unless the is a hot chick in your form, then it can be cool
: well shes not
: hot hot babby
Ben: indeedly doodly
: the hot chicks are normally took though
: ..bah
Ben: lifes a bitch
: well, theres always porno
: sweet sweet porno
Ben: Your be getting out your pictures of Nick again tonight
: na thats ya dad
: you forget these things
Ben: I dont tend to study them
: if we get in the 100 i'll be over the moon
: i have been attempting for a year
Ben: Apparently the is a list update this week
Ben: *Apparently*
: yea
Ben: dum dee dum
: but bryan is always late on these things
: simp radio should return too
Ben: Yeah, I remember waiting for the list to be updated when I wanted to get in for the first time
Ben: Seemed to take forever
Ben: Welp, I'm off
: ok
: thanks for wasting your time
: buy some merchindise at jdi or i will shoot you
Ben: I'll take my chances
Ben: Cyas
: frikin typos
: bye

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