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<Phil> -----INTERVIEW START-----
<Phil> hello Emil, can you please tell us who you are and what sites you work on/own ?
<emilc> I am Emil Cholis, currently 18 years old, well if you wanna be a dick about it, im 18 in about 2 hours
<emilc> I work for STT/Simpsons Tall Tales
<Phil> thats close enough for me..
<Phil> ok next question...
<emilc> and another secret site that me and Adam Zwiazek are working on
<Phil> oooh, tell
<emilc> Next question.
<Phil> can you tell us anything about this secret thingy?
<emilc> Uhh...
* Mako gets gun out
<emilc> Hold on
<emilc> No, I cannot
<emilc> :D
<Phil> hehe, ok
* Mako shoots emil in the leg
<emilc> Well. I can tell one thing
<Phil> spill..
<emilc> It's kinda of like one of those simpsons100.com or getduffed.com kind of things
<emilc> but shhhhh
<Phil> so its a new list? ok everyine secrets out!
<Mako> your copying jeff
<emilc> It's KIND OF. Not exactly
<Phil> ok
<emilc> No... we had this idea before him
<emilc> =P
<Mako> better be careful, jeff is doing a simp top 25
<Phil> How did you get into the simpsons community?
<Mako> he decided bout a month ago
<Phil> hey, i used to have a top 25, copy cat jeff!
<Mako> and i was at 1
<Phil> by my secret powers
<Phil> you were Mako, good boy
<Phil> anywho..
<Phil> How did you get into the simpsons community?
<emilc> Well, I tumbled upon K-mart, landed right on target, and I found a computer, and I went to Yahoo! and search the simpsons.
<emilc> I found a message board. Seemed kinda fun. I got flamed
<emilc> My name was Super Nintendo Chalmers... lol
<emilc> Great name
<Phil> hm..story checks out. Mako, release him
<Mako> but i wanted to ya know
<Phil> What is currently your favourite simpsons season?
<emilc> Probably 9.
<emilc> Great episode, a lot laughs
<Phil> yea
<emilc> My overall favorite episode is The Joy Of Sect
<emilc> ...Which is in season 9
<Phil> Do you believe the simpsons community is dying out?
<emilc> Yep..
<Phil> erm..im running out
<emilc> When I first joined maggied, there was well over 1500 members
<emilc> Now there are only about 400
<Phil> yea, they used to get like 3 new users a day...
<Phil> What is currently your favourite simpsons site?
<emilc> Hmm... though question
* Phil hands Mako that gun again
<emilc> Either Beyond Blunderdome or Last Exit To Springfield.
<Phil> good choice
<emilc> Whoops.. forgot to mention jdi
<emilc> ;)
<emilc> Next question
<Phil> Do you belive that a simpsons film should be made, or do you think it will turn out crappy like all other cartoony films do?
<emilc> Well, if they did make it, I would definately see it, but it would probably be crappy
<Phil> ok...
<Phil> Is there any last things you wish to say?
<emilc> Yes
<Phil> feel free
<emilc> Merry Christmas and do drugs
<emilc> =)
<emilc> Happy St. Pattys day
<Phil> well its March and drugs just went out of fashion but...ok!
<emilc> lol
<Phil> practise went ok, yea? email mako to arrange the real interview
<emilc> Lets go smoke our bongs now
<Phil> mm...smoke
<emilc> oh dear god phil
<emilc> This isnt the real one?
<Phil> this isnt?
<emilc> This was the real interview
<Phil> it was?
<emilc> Yes you crackhead
<Phil> its the bong, the bong i tells ya!
<Phil> -----INTERVIEW END---


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