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Jeff Interview

Interview Start: Sun Mar 03 17:32:35 2002
Person Interviewed: Jeff
[17:32] > jeff aka "goat man" what site do you own
[17:33] <Jeff> me own frinkian.com and frinkian.com/ned har har har, meh why i laugh?
[17:33] > you were think about rubber sock monkeys
[17:34] > *thinking
[17:34] <Jeff> indeed
[17:34] <Jeff> rubber is as good if not better than flubber
[17:34] <Jeff> you know of flubber right?
[17:34] > yes
[17:34] <Jeff> flubber is a cosmic extension of pang
[17:34] <Jeff> and it flubs like a goat made of jello
[17:35] > mmm.. goats
[17:35] <Jeff> mmm..jello
[17:35] > when did you realize tsm was well and truly dead
[17:36] <Jeff> when I deleted the ftp files on the ftp account
[17:36] <Jeff> =)
[17:36] > heh heh heh
[17:37] > a few months back flabbo part one was a design poll, what the hell was part 2?
[17:38] <Jeff> I hadn't thought that far ahead yet, I assumed there would be a part 2 and 3 since there was a part one, however I dont know what part 2 would of been.
[17:38] <Jeff> I lied, no part 2 muahahaha
[17:39] > damnn yooou
[17:39] <Jeff> perhaps
[17:40] > what did you think of the bart wants what it wants episode when the dear ol simpsons when to ooo CaNaDa
[17:41] <Jeff> pretty good, thought it would be longer though. The CN Tower and The Skydome looked nothing like the real thing, liked it though.
[17:42] > what was your inspiration to start a simpsons site which constantly redesigns
[17:43] <Jeff> Actually technically I've only redesigned 2 times
[17:44] <Jeff> my inspiration was the mountins and the trees and thinking could I make a site look a cool summer breeze, sweeping through a heated meadow
[17:44] <Jeff> look =like*
[17:44] > you've been looking at the dictionary again, good work
[17:45] > Pop Tarts or Snap Crackle and Pop
[17:45] <Jeff> no you have
[17:45] <Jeff> mauahahha
[17:45] <Jeff> What? you really cant compare the two, it would be like comparing dirt with ketchup
[17:45] <Jeff> both have their advantages
[17:45] > thanks for the straight answer...
[17:46] <Jeff> dont mention it
[17:46] > what was your favourite simpsons season(s)
[17:46] <Jeff> all of them were good, I dont like the earlier season
[17:46] <Jeff> s
[17:48] > I taped over all of the earlier seasons, they piss me off now
[17:48] > they use to show them to many times on bbc
[17:49] > whats better: original stuff or all of it
[17:49] <Jeff> I dont tape eps
[17:49] <Jeff> kind of takes the fun out of it
[17:49] > i do, cheap way to make money by selling em
[17:49] <Jeff> hah
[17:50] <Jeff> yes cheap
[17:52] > cheap cheap
[17:52] <Jeff> indeed
[17:52] > well, end with a snazzy quote jeff of anything its time to end this thang
[17:53] <Jeff> if I were a cat I would have fur...homie, word
[17:53] <Jeff> visit frinkian.com
[17:53] <Jeff> mauahhahha
[17:54] > -the end-
[17:54] > thanks jeff
[17:54] <Jeff> =)
[17:54] <Jeff> no prob
[17:54] <Jeff> got 2 go cya later
[17:54] > ok
[17:54] > later
Interview End: Sun Mar 03 17:54:49 2002

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