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+ Evita Parodys [Go Back]

Im not that cool,
I dont where jeans,
Ive polished an apple or 2,
But every grape that i grubbed,
I grubbed it for you,
So call me book worm,
But ill never sqiurm when theres work to be done,
Yes ill take my lunch at my death,
While your all inside having fun,
Don't vote for me kids of springfield,
Unless you want an effective leader,
Ill talk to teachers,
Ill handle skinner,
A vote for lisa makes you the winner,

Oh lisa,
Oh lisa,
Oh lisa,

I have a song to:

I am iron man,
vote for me,

ah screw it.

Eyes, pearls, smile, hair points, dress, voice, shoes, swatch watch,
I'm making a new girl,
But you can brian wash me,
Just hush, push, forguss me,
and then leave me be,
to white folk this power,
I must be heard not seen,
I have to lead wisely,
Not just bring back beans,

Nails, pimples, ears, scrunchie, pearse, teeth, lunch box, millhouse,
This beauting up suits me,
Thers beauty within me,
So lets also twin me,
Give them someone to love,
This grown up make over,
HAs made me a super queen,
for they are my people and i am there queen.

Im so happy with my evil plan,
say goodbye to music, gym and art,
Soon we will have a perfect school where fun and excitment never start,
Im so drunk i can bearly see but it helps me get thorugh another day,
My stomach is filled with hagus and ham,
Ive gotta go puke in some hay,
Lisa is a fool,
I think the rules are cool,
Im falling in the pool!

Poor Llisa,
Poor LIsa,
Don't cry for me kids of springfield,
You can still reach me thorugh email,
at smartgirl63 underscore backslash at yahoo.com at yahoo.com,
Wow this place is perfect,
Bonjour lisa,
Your gonna love it here,

Well I guess this does have a happy ending after all like my last massage.

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