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+ What Happened?

Sadly from this day on Just D'oh It will be as you see it. In otherwords this means there will be no more weekly updates to sections of the site. The reason for this is me and Phil just simply do not have to much desire to keep the site updated and at the same time, have very little chance to due to College work, other projects and still trying to spend time with our friends! we do have lifes outside of a Simpsons site, just like you do!

I'm sure you'll be able to understand this and our main reason to keep the site up is we do not want to see our creation given to someone else or dissapear forever. We've had hundreds of thousands visitors of the past few years and i'm sure we still will and the old users will probably be unaware that we once update every week.

Ben said he'd like to add a few Episode Downloads every now and again so watch out for that (they will be in the "Episodes" section finally).

Thanks for your support and please check back as we give the site a final polish over the next few days.

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