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<Phil> -----INTERVIEW START---------
<OwEn> =)
<Phil> Owen! Can you please tell everybody who you are and what site/sites you work on
<OwEn> Owen, male, OECK.com, straight 16 yr old looking for good times
* OwEn suddenly knows that this interview is gonna suck
<Phil> what site do you own/work on?
<OwEn> OECK.com
<Phil> ok, very goodey
<Phil> How long have you been watching 'The Simpsons'?
<OwEn> 24 years
<Phil> hmm...despite the fact your only 16, ok
<OwEn> I am?
<Phil> thats what you just said
<OwEn> shit, brb i need more water, this hangover is goin to kane in the mornin
<Phil> erm..ok
<Phil> hurry!
<Phil> How did you get into the simpsons community?
<OwEn> back
<Phil> very good Owen
<Phil> How did you get into the simpsons community?
<OwEn> back
<Phil> very good Owen
<Phil> How did you get into the simpsons community?
<OwEn> well I was banished from the South Park community, so i decided to ruin the simpsons one instead =P
<Phil> hehe, good reason
<OwEn> true story!
<Phil> What made you start your own hosting company?
<OwEn> the money =)
<Phil> mmm....
<Phil> anyway
<OwEn> hmmmm
<OwEn> go on
<Phil> erm...Who did you go out with tonight?
<OwEn> i was right, this is boring
<OwEn> and
<Phil> pointless
*** Bartesque has joined #jdi
<OwEn> I went out with my bitch, Tanya... soooo fit i tells you
<OwEn> quiet Bartesque inteview goin on!
<Phil> What is currently your favourite cartoon website?
<OwEn> JDI ;P...heh nah would have to be ToonD.com although thats shut for good but will reopen as OECK Entertainment very soon
<Phil> OECK Entertainment, can you tell us anymore about that?
<OwEn> [plug]OECK Networks - Cheap hosting, accpets everyone =), join now for low low low prices[/plug]
<OwEn> no. :P
<Phil> ok
<OwEn> confidential.
<Phil> Well im getting bored so ill wrap this up... Any last things you wish to say?
<OwEn> anyone got whisky?
<Phil> oh, one more question....whats ya favourite song?
<Phil> whisky eh, yes, in my back pocket.
<OwEn> of all time? John Lennon - Imagine... or at the moment, Foo Fighters - The One, and their new album
<Phil> ok, thank you for your time
<OwEn> time? about 11:16pm
<Phil> oh dear
<Phil> -----INTERVIEW END------
<Phil> well, that went well
<OwEn> =(
<OwEn> indeed.
<OwEn> we need porn!
<OwEn> add porn to the interview!
<Marc> www.free6.com
<Marc> !
<OwEn> boring
<OwEn> add to inteview!
<OwEn> porn!
<OwEn> !!
<OwEn> <Phil> -----INTERVIEW START------
<OwEn> porn!!!!
<Phil> hmm....ok. Ill put a few pictures in
<OwEn> =)
<OwEn> o0o goody
<OwEn> i got porn of myself if you wann ewm
<Phil> just for you..........gay porn!
<OwEn> oh and my children
<OwEn> mwhahahha
<Phil> dude, thats sick
<OwEn> and marc will supply you with some sheep porn if your desperate, no doubt
<OwEn> heh jus jokin
<Phil> hehe
<OwEn> im 16!
<Phil> i know ;) terrible age

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