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mako: (7:29 PM) Phil what site do you own and what's the url for it?
Phil: (7:30 PM) A weekend with the simpsons www.pbjw.co.uk
mako: (7:30 PM) How long has it been open??
Phil: (7:30 PM) erm.. about 1 year but i never really bothered about it until recent
mako: (7:31 PM) Why?
Phil: (7:31 PM) dont know
mako: (7:31 PM) heh
mako: (7:31 PM) <<writes down..he could'nt be assed
Phil: (7:32 PM) yep!
mako: (7:32 PM) Anyway you got any future plans for the site
Phil: (7:32 PM) im redesigning soon
mako: (7:33 PM) you designing it?
Phil: (7:33 PM) il try if i dont like it (again!) then I ask some1 else
mako: (7:33 PM) ::cough:: Lee Milthorpe
Phil: (7:34 PM) no, his designs are all the same they are good but still
mako: (7:34 PM) ..they were good enough to get me a mention on the simpsons top 100
Phil: (7:35 PM) yep
mako: (7:35 PM) what's your favourite site except from mine?
Phil: (7:36 PM) hard one....
Phil: (7:36 PM) dont really have one
mako: (7:36 PM) let's just say mine moving on..
mako: (7:36 PM) Worst webmaster??
Phil: (7:37 PM) worts as in bad site or worst personality
mako: (7:37 PM) both
mako: (7:37 PM) gimmie 2 answers if you like
Phil: (7:38 PM) i thought of a best : mainframe they are all too good to be bad
mako: (7:39 PM) i though you were going to say Luke Harrison..you had one hell of an argument with him on maggied
Phil: (7:39 PM) he is ok
mako: (7:40 PM) ..well i though he was ok too until he tryed to wreck my computer with the hi how are you virus but that were'nt his fault
Phil: (7:41 PM) before we move on look at me simpsonized heh, it looks nothing like me! http://www.monstromart.com/simpsonized/6.gif
mako: (7:41 PM) send some virus mail to Jeff then he'll fix that
Phil: (7:42 PM) heh
mako: (7:42 PM) what's your hobbies?
Phil: (7:43 PM) golf, simpsons, football
mako: (7:44 PM) ok..err will you give me ftp info for you site so i can hack it and wreck it??
Phil: (7:44 PM) sure its... hang on a minute
:::User Phil Offline:::
mako: (7:45 PM) Crap!...aww well

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