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How did Matt Groening become famous for his cartoons? - Hannah

Matt Groening started his career as doing a comic called "Life In Hell" which became very popular and was noticed by the producers of "The Tracey Ullman Show" who wanted to make the commercial breaks fun by playing a 30 second cartoon before and after the breaks. They brought Matt to where to show is produced for a 10 minute presentation where they asked him "what cartoon creation could you use for the breaks".. and at that moment The Simpson's were born.

What is the name of skinner's mother? - Anton

Phew.. a easy one, her name is Agnes.

Do you think Smithers should be heterosexual & what's his middle name? - Rebecca

No, because without Smither's being gay the Mr Burn's and Smither's relationship would be boring e.g. do you remember classic Burn's and Smither's moments such as "Smithers you don't even know the meaning of the word gay!" and "(Smithers P.C. Boots Up) Smither's - you - are - so - good - at - turning - me - on".

As for his middle name, the only ever mention of this was in in 8f10 where his name was listed as J. Smithers. The J stands actually stands for Waylon Jr. Smithers, his frther died when he was a baby. (Thanks to Shlomo for pointing this out to us!)

When will Season 3 be out on DVD? - Andrew

The date for the season 3 DVD has yet to be released. It will probably be sometime next year. 

//Update: Summer 2003?//

Is there going to be another series of the Simpson's? - Naomi

Yes! A deal has been made that there will be at LEAST 14 seasons.

Is the Simpson's really going to end? - Shaun Sutherland

Of course, all good things must come to the end at one time or another. However, there are rumours that a film may be made after all the series' are finished.

When is the movie coming out? - Deanna

There has not been any confirmation of a movie yet, however it has been suggested that one will be made after they finish making all the episodes.

What state do the Simpson's actually live in? - Dan

Ah, the good ol' question. The Simpson's do not actually live in any state. The name 'Springfield' was simply chosen because it is the most common name in USA.

//Update by Pete: In "Behind The Laughter" the narrator says that they live in North Kentucky// 

Why is it that almost every episode every character wears the same clothes? - Sal

Hmm, good question to be honest I don't know the answer. I'm guessing that it just makes it much easier for the animators, if they had to think up, and draw different clothes for each episode it would just take far to long.

Which Gummy bear did Homer eat? - Jana

I'm sure Homer has ate many gummy bear in his life, but I think the one you mean is the Venus De Milo gummy.

how old is Monty Burns? - Michael Webb

His age has never been officially told however according to clues in the show, he is about 90 years old.

//Update: Visitors please stop emailing the age of Mr Burns we are aware of this and have posted his AVERAGE age. (his age is always different!)//

Is there a UK based website where I can buy the Simpson's figures? - Leanne

The best UK site to buy figures is most probably http://www.amazon.co.uk

When and where did the Simpson's get snowball 2? - Christine J

The Simpson family bought Snowball 2 when their first cat ( Snowball 1 ) died.

What is the name of the third cop in Springfield? Not Wiggum, or Lu but the "other one" - Matt Bajek

The 'other' cop is named Eddie.

How many episodes are there going to be in Season 14? - Lucy

I believe there will be 13 episodes in season 14, the first is showing on FOX on November 3rd.

What is the lawyer with the blue hair called? - Anthony

Lionel Hutz is a lawyer that originally had blue hair.

How many countries is Simpson's in? - Thomas

The Simpson's can be seen in more than 70 countries worldwide!

Is Bart middle name jo-jo? - Sa Moses

Yep, it certainly is.

What is the name of the monkey that Krusty hates? - Howard

The monkeys name is Mr. Teeny

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