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Do You Have Buddy Icons? - Justin

Indeed we do, you can find our AIM Buddy Icons right here.

Can you still buy The Simpson's Season 1 DVD? - Liam

Indeed you can, you can get the Region 1 version for only 15 @ http://www.cd-wow.com/, but if you prefer not to shop online I can still them at Woolworth's. 

Where can I get a free or affordable design? - Jacci Ziebert

You could ask us, but I probably would never get around to doing it but check around a few popular Simpson's Sites they'll probably have a free design section.

What is Homer's middle name? - Sabrina

His middle name is Jay, which was revealed a few seasons back.

Do Lenny and Carl have last names? - Evan

Of course they do, but we only know Carl's last name which is "Carlson" so Carls full name is "Carl Carlson".

What does Matt Groening look like? - Jess

Yes that is a picture of him to the left of this. In many episodes/simpsons books etc., there is lots of animated versions of him, so next time you watch an episode you might be able catch a glimpse of him. But make sure you don't get him confused with the guy on the 138th Spectacular episode, haha. 

Is Barney ever going to drink a Duff beer again? - Stephen Pickren

That's for the writer's to decide and if it does happen I expect he'll have a whole episode dedicated to it.

Where can I get a Homer Icon? - Yesenia

Right here ^_^  just go to the Icons page.

How many times has homer been in jail? - Nate

Are you trying to test our knowledge of The Simpson's or is this a question you want the answer to?, anyway Homer has been in jail 6 times (Marge has only been in jail twice.. boo).

What is Bart's middle name? - Matt

Bart's middle name is Jojo, weird eh?. 

What does the cash register say when Maggie is scanned? - Vivian

Trust me it's not "NRA-4-EVA!" which was the answer given in "The Simpson's 138th Episode Spectacular" show, the cash register actually says $847.63, which is how much is costs on average to raise a baby according to Matt Groening.

In a previous question you answered that the Simpsons do not live in any state, but I saw an episode where the narrator said "things were getting back to normal for this northern Kentucky family". I also saw an episode where the Simpson's go to Brazil and Lisa says to her pen pal that you can find what state she lives in by listening to the clues. Can you explain this? - Alyssa

You are 100% right about the fact that in the episode "Behind The Laughter" the narrator said The Simpson's are from Northern Kentucky, but you have to remember none of the Springfield's in America look anything like the Springfield in the show, that's why we said they do not live in any state.. except a fictitious one. Also remember in the episode "The Simpson's 138th Episode Spectacular" it was said that when Maggie is scanned in the intro the cash register say's "NRA-4-EVA" and fake animated versions of Matt Groening where also showed, that's because that episode was a mockumentry just like "Behind The Laughter".

What is the population of Chocolate Land? - Taryn

lol, if you want to be technical, we have only ever seen one human in Chocolate Land (Chocolate Land was featured in the episode "Burns Verkaufen Der Kraftwerk").

What is the name of the old guy who was frozen at the Kwik-e-mart? - Dan

His name is Jasper, he is Grampa Simpson's best friend and has featured in many episodes. 

Are Matt Groenings initials somewhere on Homer's face? - Jason

Indeed.. they were on his face until Matt thought viewers would be to distracted by it, the initials were the M shaped line and the G shaped ear on Homer's face.

What is the name of Mr Burn's lawyer that has the strange voice and has glasses and blue hair? - Chloe Veitich

Sadly, his name has never been mentioned, but we do know he also represents more than one person e.g. Charlie Chaplin.

How come Bart never skateboards anymore? - Nick

Chances are he will be "Skateboarding" again in the upcoming 300th episode titled "Barting Over" which will feature Blink 182 and skateboarding legend Tony Hawk.

What was behind the laughter's episode code? - Matt

The episode code for "Behind The Laughter" was BABF19, this is one of my personal favourite episodes ever its great to see a show on "What if the Simpson's were actors?".

What was Homers website address? - Tim

Sadly we were never told but Fox did fully recreate the website and you can visit it here.

What is the name of Mr Burn's lawyer that has the strange voice and has glasses and blue hair? - Chloe Veitich

Sadly, his name has never been mentioned, but we do know he also represents more than one person e.g. Charlie Chaplin.

How did u come with the best show ever invented? - Josh C

Well one evening I was really drunk and said stupidly "Wouldn't it be funny if we made a show about us as a American dysfunctional family with a big fat ape type guy as me?". Seriously though, we did not create The Simpson's were merely just a fan site.

Who is the Simpson's other next door neighbour besides the Flanders? - Patrick Keenan

Until 9F06 "New Kid On The Block" it was the old age couple "The Winfields", But now "The Power's" family (Laura & Ruth Powers) live there.

Why Homer its so stupid? - Daniel virgilio lopez pineros

In the episode "HOMR" it was revealed that one of the reasons for Homer being so stupid was as a child he shoved a crayon up his nose, causing it to get lodged in his brain and lose lots of his IQ.

Whats Homer's email address? - Dominic

In one of the more recent episodes it was revealed that Homer's email address is chunkylover53@aol.com, if you send him an e-mail at this address you may just get a reply!.

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